What do our customers say?

Ewa and Bengt were searching for a vineyard in Tuscany:

What was the reason for buying in Italy?
“We have been in love with Italy for many years, and were looking for our own place in combination with work and recreation.”

What was your reason you consulted SteiVell?
“We researched many channels in order to find something and were recommended to contact SteiVell for advice.”

What results did you have from the support of SteiVell?
“We got good support in finding the right contacts and objects in Italy.”

What has it meant to you? 
We found our dream place where we now live and work.”

What specifically do you think is positive about SteiVell’s services?
We had support from Steivell, who masters both language and culture in Italy.”

Any other advantages of their advisory in a purchase in Italy? 
We  got help and support through the negotiation process.”

Do you believe you would have managed to carry out the purchase in the same way without the support of SteiVell?  “We probably wouldn’t have found the property that we chose to buy.”

Would you recommend Steivell to a friend?
Of course.”

Ewa & Bengt Thomaeus,
Owners of the vineyard Monterosola in Volterra, Tuscany


Hilja and Michael wanted help to carry out a purchase in Puglia:

“We have travelled to Italy for many years, which has become our favorite country. Some years we went to various places in the north, including Liguria. After a few years we started dreaming about having our own place. Although the high prices in north Italy held us back and we continued dreaming. When we came to Puglia in fall of 2012 we were smitten by the landscape’s barren charm and a fantastic nature by the sea. When we realized that the prices were much lower in the south than in the north, we became more interested in buying our own house.

We realized pretty quickly that we needed support from someone with knowledge of the Italian market and language. Via Internet we got in contact with a translator, Francesca, based in in Lecce, who has been fantastically clever and service minded. Anyhow we still needed someone who could explain important documents to us and advise us in the communications with the broker and we needed a surveyor.

The support form SteiVell has been highly valuable, in terms of language and expertise; interpreting documents, laws and cultural aspects when buying a house. The combination of a skilled, local translator, and consultations from Steivell has been very good and completeley crucial in the process.  We have also felt that there has been a strong engagement from Stefano’s side throughout the whole procedure.

Knowledge, competence, service mindedness, engagement, availability and persistence to urge on the broker and the notary, has distunguieshed SteiVell’s services.

Buying a property in Italy is completely different than in Sweden. We found interesting objects easily on our own through the Internet, but staying in contact with the broker was difficult, not only in terms of language. English isn’t always viable in south of Italy, and we experienced a drop in engagement from the broker. Initially we had some help from our translator, but first when Stefano contacted the broker, the process took off. Italian brokers show the objects, then you need to urge the progress yourself. Without the help and support from Stefano we wouldn’t have managed to go through the process, which is completely different than the Swedish. He explained all well to us, which gave us a great sense of security throughout the deal. It can be a bit complicated to buy in Italy, but is meanwhile safe. We also got great confidence in the notary, responsible for the legally binding parts of the deal.

We can definitely recommend Steivell. We have had a great support and engagement from them. It is a great security having access to a person who knows the language and knows the Italian system, who can explain the purchase procedure and tell us about the culture.  It was a cost effective solution, combining the support from SteiVell with our local translator Francesca, who cooperated very well. Their availability has been very important – Stefano was just one call away.

Soon after moving into the house, we discovered some insects living in the furniture we got from the seller as part of the house deal. Anxiously we immediately called Stefano and Francesca,  asking for advice – should we throw it all away? No, no, they both laughed – it’s south of Italy, buy insecticide! That kind of advise is also valuable!”


Hilja & Michael Tapio Strid
House Owner, Puglia

Helene with husband wanted help to carry out a purchase by Como Lake:

“We had already found our dream house by the Como Lake, as we contacted SteiVell. Our negotiations with the builder had stranded. Buying a house in Italy is different from buying a house in Sweden, so it was a bit of a clash of cultures when the purchase procedure started. We were in urgent need of a person able to speak Italian and familiar with the process and the laws. We also felt we needed help in the negotiations.  SteiVell helped us with the right contacts to English speaking lawyers and we also got help with translations. It was a great support for us. Without that support we probably hadn’t concluded the deal. Today we are very grateful that we did, and we enjoy our Italian paradise, which we think is the most beautiful place on earth – Lago di Como”.


Helene Liedberg
House Owner, Como Lake, Lombardy

Niclas and Erica were searching for a vacation home:


“We have traveled to Italy every summer during many years and decided to invest in a permanent residence. We knew what type of residence we wanted and what budget we had, and started searching in Tuscany, Liguria and on Sardinia. After that, we got in contact with Steivell through their website, and they helped us discover Le Marche and a fantastically beautiful, well organized residence there. Except for finding the right place in Italy, SteiVell has also helped us with good contacts and information about what to expect in the process of buying an apartment in Italy”.


Niclas & Erica,
Owners of an apartment in Le Marche

Lena visited Steivell’s projects at Lake Sebino:


“In November 2011, my husband and I participated in a viewing trip to Lago d’Iseo in north of Italy. Once there we found out that the viewings were private! All was planned into detail. We stayed two nights in a lovely hotel right by the lake. It was an old family farm, now made into a hotel. In the evening we were served food and wine in front of an open fire place. In the morning we were picked up by two Italian gentlemen – representatives from the builder, that both conversated with us in English. They guided us around the area and showed us closeby villages. After that we got to see some of the already built objects.  (Our apartment was off-plan). Following, we got to visit the place where the new apartments were to be built. Lastly we were offered the best Ravioli we have ever eaten, in a small restaurant by the lake. All took place in a comfortable pace without stress or any kind of pressure. We couldn’t have been better met and cared for!”



Jan and Monica about their second home in Badolato:

Along Calabria’s miles’ long coast lies Badolato, at a ten minutes car drive, up in the mountains. This 1000 year old village has a spectacular view of the sea. “We came here and liked the place so much that we decided to buy a house here”, Jan and Monica Berg say. They came in contacts with a builder who renovates the old houses, often built around 300 years ago. It’s the welcoming and friendly athmosphere that Mrs Berg appreciates the most with Badolato. “You are not a stranger to anyone; we greet more people here in Badolato in a week, than we do at home in a month. And every now and then we have visits from neighbors and other village inhabitants who give us chestnuts and oil or other things, or just like to show us how to take care of the plants on our terrace. They seem happy when new people arrive , that appreciate their village and maintains the old property”, Mr Berg says.


Jan & Monica Berg
Renovated their own lovely little spot in Badolato, Calabria


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