Villa Bardellini, Lerici, Portovenere area, Liguria


  • Location: Lerici, Portovenere, Liguria
  • Size: 1200 sqm + swimming pool + 9000 sqm garden and land
  • Facts: Private access to the sea with sand beach. Unique location in Lerici by the coast with extraordinary view over the Gulf of La Spezia.
  • Price: 17.500.000 euro, negotiable.

Your paradise on earth, next to the Castle of Lerici and close to Portovenere...


The residential property of Villa Bardellini in Lerici consists of various buildings that were built at different times. The older buildings of this complex date back to the late 1700s and still retain the architectural features typical of old Ligurian houses, being built with stone walls, small windows and the roof in chestnut wood.

In the early 1900s, a new building was built corresponding to the present main villa, characterized by typical architecture from the era of construction for the wealthy middle class with a neoclassical influence in the decor of the facades, but already with a modern style in the volumetric composition.

The property is situated next to the castle of Lerici on the promontory of Maralunga including an oak tree forest that reaches the sea on the beaches of Saint George.

The entire residential complex is currently being restructured and restored under the supervision of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Environment.


Villa Bardellini’s residential complex includes a four floor liberty style main building built in the early 1900s. The various floors are connected by a newly added lift.

The villa is surrounded by an independent, fully fenced 3,000 square meter park amongst secular cypress and olive trees. On the west side of the park, there is a lookout on two levels, one being partially covered facing out onto the Gulf of Poets, which from the village of Lerici arrives to the village of Portovenere.

The park includes a secondary accessory building for park activities. The area of the villa with accessories is 1,200 square meters.

The building complex also includes a 6,000 square meter oak tree forest which occupies the whole ridge that goes from the park to the two Saint George beaches.

Through some scenic trails in the woods, you can go directly down to the sea from the villa and with a tender you can reach the boat docked as close as 50 meters from the beach in the Gulf of Saint George.

The main pedestrian route through the woods can also be equipped with a motorized rack railway cabin.

The building complex is currently being restored with approval from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Environment.

The well distributed interior spaces are the perfect solution for a dynamic property that can be use both as private than representative use. The Concept Design is identified as a house of prestige, with the charm of ancient villas but with all the comforts of modernity.

The layout has been achieved with the features below:


Areas dedicated to wellness and leisure. Access to wellness areas, gym, winery and play room with home theater, arranged at the garden floor to enjoy greater privacy, without interference with domestic spaces.


Areas dedicated to convivial areas, which overlook the most attractive and panoramic views of the Gulf.


The “noble" area of the house, with a study, a private master suite and a family room with view on the gulf.


This floor is completely dedicated to the sleeping areas with a suite with bathroom and two rooms for the young.


At the top floor a mini suite that enjoys a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Poets and the village of Lerici.

Our design engineers are at the disposal of the interested parties trusted technicians to define the layout of the living quarters, system plants, material and paint decor finishing.


The area

The territory of Lerici is situated in the Riviera di Levante of Liguria, on the eastern side of the Gulf of La Spezia. It stands at the center of a small natural bay named Gulf of St. George, and is dominated by a promontory on which stands an impressive historic castle, now a museum. Opposite to the village’s city centre, beyond the location of Venere Azzurra, lies the village of San Terenzo. Lerici (L.rze or Lerxi in Ligurian) is a town of 10,000 inhabitants in the province of La Spezia in Liguria. It is the fourth town in the province by population. It is one of the most famous seaside villages of Liguria and northern Italy and is visited by many tourists throughout the year. The first traces of the village of Lerici in the history go back to Etruscan times, when in all likelihood was installed a first settlement around the seventh century BC, next to the future Roman town of Luni. Over times, the geographical position made of Lerici a natural port, first for the Ligurians, then by the Romans. 

Natural Reserve: the town is part of the Regional Natural Park of Montemarcello - Magra. From the square of Bellavista, where you can enjoy the view of the entire archipelago Spezzino, an inscription celebrates the immortal verse of Dante's Purgatorio Canto-III.

 Gulf of Poets

"You ask me what it is and where is San Terenzo? I tell you immediately: it is one of the most beautiful and dear paradises that hides in its coasts that sea, where two things are born big and beautiful: the greek-Latin civilization and Venus; that is like to say the two greatest joys of human life: the science and love. San Terenzo is a nest hidden between two azure oceans, the sky and the sea; any other bath is more poetic, more fresh, more adamant, is like diving into liquid sapphire; the air there is never too hot in the summer and never cold in the winter, is an everlasting alternar of fresh warm days and balmy cold days that enchants, that tickles and it falls in love. The palms, cedars, roses will grow and thrive as at home and I, modest and fragile human plant, prosper from a quarter-century, hoping to prosper here for an another quarter. That's what it is and where is San Terenzo". Cit. Paul Montegazza


The official selling price of the property is € 17.500.000. This price refers to the sale of the property completely renovated. In the event that the buyer decides to run himself the work required to renovate the property, the price will be € 15.500.000

The Seller has been obtained from the competent Municipal Authority the permit of restoration of the Villa, which provides also the division of the same in five apartments, if agreed with the buyer.

Over the main villa, a detached house can be realized in the cottage located in  the south side of the park. Any splits and mergers of units, for reasons of commercial advantage or specific market demand, will be possible; prices of individual units must first be agreed between the Seller and the Agent.

How to get there

Airports: Pisa 60 km (50 minutes) - Genoa 100 km (1h 20 minutes) - Florence 140 km (1h 30 minutes)  Ports: La Spezia 10 km (30 minutes) - Livorno 85 km (1h) - Genoa 100 km (1h 20 minutes)