Palazzo of apartments in Belvedere, Calabria


  • Location: Belvedere, Calabria
  • Size: Total 707 sqm (commercial) or 518 sqm (residential) plus terraces and a garden
  • Facts: Old Palace located in the village center of Belvedere, Calabria with sea view
  • Price: 290.000 EUR in current state or approximately 450.000 EUR for a turn key solution

Palazzo with apartments to renovate in Belvedere, the city of Valentine

The Property

The building is today divided into 4 apartments. One apartment measures 121 commercial square meters commercial, and 82 sqm residential. The second apartment measures 124  sqm commercial and 84 sqm residential, plus 65 sqm of garden. The third apartment is a two-storey apartment of 176 commercial sqm on bottom floor, or 130 residential, and 71 commercial sqm on upper floor, or 48 residential, and a 50 sqm terrace. The last apartment is 215 commercial sqm, or 174 residential sqm, and has a 20 sqm terrace.

The property needs renovation in its full, and can be bought either without renovation in its current state, or with renovation to a turn key solution. Projects on turn key solutions are available upon interest.

It can be made into one large property, or up to four apartments as of today.

The Area

The Palace is located in the heart of Belvedere, one of north Calabria's more renown historic villages, which is full of activity and has all facilities one may need. The village is known as the city of Saint Valentine and each year celebrates the festival of the Saint of the village.

The property overlooks the coastline with beaches, sea view and the city. There are several terraces and a small garden. The situation of the Palace gives you a sense that you are close to nature and in a peaceful setting, although you are in the village center.

How to get there

Airports: Lamezia Airport 1h and 35 minutes by car