Historic Palace to renovate in Diamante, Calabria


  • Location: Diamante, Calabria
  • Size: 550 sqm
  • Facts: Palazetto to renovate in historic village Diamante, Calabria
  • Price: 400.000 EUR in current state

Palace to renovate in Diamante, Calabria

The Property

This is a palazzetto which has been built in the late 18th century, with a total of about 780 sqm. on four floors, in the historical center of Diamante, famous touristic city located in the southern part of Italy. It is to be restored and the process may lead to obtain a single unit that would become a classic manor or a fractioned one with more apartments, some of them with sea view and terrace. The old historical center, in which the Palazzeto is found, is very lively. There are plenty of shops and activities of all kinds, so the restructuring process could also lead to the creation of a luxury resort in the heart of the town.The Palazzetto is only a few minutes away from fabulous beaches and the main street is just a few steps away.


The Area

Diamante is located in the north part of Calabria and belongs to the province of Cosenza. Diamante is one of the few old villages in Italy which is located on the coast. Diamante is surrounded by a beautiful coastline, mountains and beaches. Diamante is also known as "The city of Murales", the art work painted by the inhabitants on the walls of the village. It is also known for the festival of peperoncino each year in August.

The Cosenza province is one of the more established parts of Calabria with a comparably well organized infrastructure and hosts famous companies, universities and cities. Anyhow, Calabria is still a relatively untouched part of Italy and offers a very genuine Italian lifestyle and -culture.

How to get there

Airports: Lamezia Airport, 60 minutes by car