Fosdinovo Castle, Lunigiana, Tuscany


  • Location: Lunigiana, Tuscany
  • Size: 2.500 sqm, 36 hectars of bush and olive grove
  • Facts: 12 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, elicopter landing
  • Price: contact us

A massive ancient Castle at the top of a hill overlooking the valley and a typical medieval village.

Medioeval origins...

Its medioeval orgins are from a  fortified settlement on the hill, patrolling a road junction of important trade between Norhten Europe and Rome. Historical studies show that in 1366 started the independent fief of the Castle, from detachment of the fief of Fosdinovo. The castle has been completely and finely restored and partly rebuilt between 1997 and 2007. It returned to its former glory by the will of the present owner, after suffering for long abandonment in which it poured throughout the twentieth century. In 2004, during the restoration works, it came to light a tomb containing the intact skeleton of a Knight of 1.300, killed by a crossbow shot to the throat. The discovery has been studied by the scientific world. The way to the castle goes through the old medieval village, that maintained unaltered its characteristic rural appearance. The Castle is dominated by the majestic peaks of the Apuan Alps with the highest peak of Pizzo d’Uccello (1781 mt). The main accommodation site has a living room with fireplace and a master bedroom with bathroom, the additional massive tower has nine suites with bathroom. All rooms are heated, thus allowing the use of the entire Castle both in summer and winter. The rooms and halls are wired to allow easier access to Wi-Fi.

How to get there

Airports: Pisa 60 km - Genoa 100 km - Florence 110 km Ports: La Spezia 25 km - Livorno 70 km - Genoa 100 km