Panorama Building, Trieste, Friuli Venezia Giulia


  • Location: Trieste, Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Size: apartments from 90 to 260 sqm
  • Facts: concierge service, private SPA, private gym, private parking, laundry...
  • Price: starting from 695.000 euro

As if living on the sea, although amidst the town of beautiful Trieste

The Property

In Trieste, a unique residential project is nearing completion. In an exclusive area of the city, with breathtaking views over the Gulf, stands a building whose technological excellence and meticulous attention to detail and finish has no equal. The care taken in design and construction defines new living.

History coexists with innovation. The main idea behind this projecti is the creation of a residential building which applies the results of the most advanced energy and structural efficiency research. The design maintains the antique facade of an existing building in Trieste behind which a new 6-floor complex totally made of wood is being built.

Ecological & Organic

The imperative of the building is to provide concrete technical answers to emerging ethical needs. The idea is to propose an innovative building using state-of-the-art sustainability and eco-compatibility science.

The entire design is defined by the desire to create a practical building rich in original solutions which represents a  touchstone in the construction field. Our house fulfils the needs of clients with a long term view towards global problems such as shortages and the wastefulness of traditional energy resources. A client who is aware of the problems represented by the accumulation undisposable waste and of how the environment has been mistreated; a client who understands the political necessity of being self-sufficient and acknowledges the close connection between health and environment. A ready to use solution, ready to be lived in.


The apartments come in various sizes, from 90 to 260 square metres and have been designed with different functions so as to satisfy different life styles: spaces conceived for people who love entertaining alternate with spaces which privilege cosiness and intimacy. The design is simple with distinctive features like red or grey high gloss finish, full-height Lualdi® doors, natural oak flooring, large, high-pressure ceramic tiles (the same used in the bathrooms) and large elegant natural oak framed windows with external glass (zero maintenance). Clients can adapt the distribution of internal spaces and the materials used to their own personal taste.

For the kitchen, generally designed as part of the living area, the client can choose from the sophisticated Valcucine@ range. In all the apartments, large windows open onto habitable terraces offering a breathtaking view over the Gulf of Trieste. The terraces, with glass railings, characterize the side of the building facing the sea and confer movement and transparency to the facade, evoking the curves of a wave.

Common areas

The underground floors house a multi-level parking area and one level of generously sized cellars.An entire floor has been reserved for the wellness area: facing the garden, across from a outside area for outdoor games, it includes a gym, a swimming pool and changing rooms.All levels are connected to the apartments by lifts. The 110 square metre foyer which lies between the entrance window and a second view of the Gulf is furnished with natural materials, carved stone floor tiles with cladding in large ceramic tiles, wood and glass.The design is completed by works of art and sophisticated light fittings.Outside the glass windows facing the sea, there is an 80 square metre arcade supported by multi-coloured columns and a playful take on materials, light, reflections and greenery: an evocative frame for an unparalleled view with Miramare Castle at the centre.

Home automation

The building is a “smart home” where all systems are integrated into one automation system. Objective: maximum performance with flexibility over time.The electrical system is realized using a “bus” system: every single key or device is connected to an electrical power circuit and a control/management system (Siemens® and Creston®) which controls air conditioning, lighting, sound, video and security systems and all other technical components.  This allows us to combine normal electrical system performance with the possibility of programming the management system and having remote control, via the web, over all devices.

System innovations

The principle technical innovations adopted to maximize energy efficiency are:

  • a low temperature heating system with ceiling-fitted radiant heating panels which integrates a summer cooling function;
  • a heat pump generator connected to vertical geothermal probes;
  • a controlled mechanical ventilation system with recovery of thermal energy from expelled fluids;
  • an electrical energy production system using photovoltaic panels;
  • an electrical energy production system using vertical rotor micro wind power generators
  • the transmission of natural solar light via fibre optic cables from collectors located on the roof to fibre optic expanders located in restricted areas.
  • integral lighting of common areas with LED technology
  • a home automation system throughout the entire building
  • integrated system management

The city of Trieste

Trieste is a city with a strong international vocation boasting a strategic position in the chess board of the new Europe due to its location which, despite overlooking the sea, places it close to central-east Europe.
 It is rich in culture, heir to a glorious past, born of the progressive concentration of vivacious Mediterranean, central-European and Balkan communities. With an eye toward a new Europe and a pulsing heart in the “Bel Paese” (Italy), the future of Trieste becoming a new Central European capital again looks likely: a fascinating bridge between east and west.

Trieste's strategic position makes it the first natural access to the sea, straight into  the heart of Europe.

In the centre of the new Europe, Trieste is close to the lively capitals of Vienna (478km), Budapest (558km), Bratislava (540km), Ljubljana  (95km), Zagreb (230km) and Belgrade (620km) as well as interesting cities such as Venice (164km), Milan (420km), Munich (700km), Klagenfurt (170km) and Zurich (685km).

How to get there

Airports: Trieste 40 km - Venice 150 km - Treviso 150 km Ports: Trieste 3 km - Venice 150 km