We discovered a lack of support for foreign property speculators in Italy. We started our consultancy service to meet that need. We strive to make the market more available, and the process more transparent.SteiVell offers advisory in the entire process of property search and purchase procedure.  Unlike the broker (who primarily works for the seller), we work for you as a buyer. We are a Swedish based company, with clients from many countries in Europe, US and Asia. SteiVell has helped fulfill Italian dreams since 2007.

What we do

SteiVell’s mission is to help fulfill your Italian dream. We are truly looking forward to find that unique property you are looking for. We strive to structure and simplify your search and purchase. We offer a network of top Italian brokers and builders, private and commercial sellers.  As well as experts within related areas as legal advisory, surveys, architecture and maintenance.

Our expertise is finding that unique property you’ve been looking for. Our consultancy stretch from understanding your desires, to locating and achieving your goals. We like to see it from a broader angle, to grasp your needs and analyze your  opportunities. We support your way from idea to purchase. We focus on You.

The Italian property market may seem difficult to overview. It has a limited internet visibility and cohesion, along with bureaucratic procedures. Cultural barriers may stand in your way as well. We make your Italian dream more available. Feel most welcome to talk to us.

How it works

We start by getting to know you. Your preferences and desires will help us define what areas are most suitable for you. We research the areas of your interest to find a handful of interesting objects. We scan the market and locate properties that matches your preferences. We arrange the meetings you need to make and provide you with the experts you may need. We prepare you for the purchase procedure. We help negotiate if you like.

The process is thorough and our job is to simplify it. Our clients have often been searching for several years on their own when we come in to the picture. We strive to find you love at first sight. We often do so in a couple of months.

Anna Gravell

Anna is from Stockholm, and since many years she holds a great passion for Italy and has travelled thoroughly in Italy. In 2007 Anna founded SteiVell, after having herself discovered tough challenges when buying a second home in Italy. As it seemed impossible to get a good overview of the Italian house market, due to limited internet visibility and cohesion, bureaucratic procedures and cultural barriers, Anna felt it was quite a risky investment, which it was. Thanks to her own experiences she helped marketing a few projects in Italy and started advising other foreign buyers of what to think of when buying in Italy. As the demand was noticeable, SteiVell was founded.

Anna’s mission is to help fulfill Italian dreams. Since 2007 she has contributed to many successful property transactions in Italy, from small apartments to large vineyards and commercial properties.

Anna has experience from working in the Swedish real estate and finance market, and from several positions within sales and  marketing. She had her master’s degree in Economics/Business Administration in Stockholm in 2006.

Stefano Coccolo

Stefano has moved to Stockholm from Rome in Italy in November 2010 with his partner whom is Swedish.

He has been working as a Sales & Marketing manager for five star luxury hotels in Italy and as Product Manager for one of Italy ́s most important Tour Operators. During those years Stefano gained a huge know-how of the hotel business in Italy from Bed and Breakfast to top Luxury boutique hotels and hotel chains. He has also, at the same time, brought along his passion for Interior Design and been responsible for different acquisition and renovation projects in Italy, from rural building to luxury attics in Rome.

Stefano has a key role in developing SteiVell’s service concept, network and strategy. He has been involved or responsible for the majority of SteiVell’s customers since 2011 and carries out the entire search and purchase procedure with a perfectionist’s sense of detail. He is much appreciated by his customers and colleges.

His education consists in a degree as Surveyor in 2001 and in a 3 years degree in Furniture and Interior Design at the university “La Sapienza” of Rome with a final thesis on the influences of the Japanese house in modern society.